Ekofisk was the first large oil and gas find in the North Sea. The Phillips group consists of a number of oil companies, with varying amounts of interest in Ekofisk. Phillips, as the operator, has developed Ekofisk in several phases. These have proceeded from testing and preliminary production to production with offshore loading to connecting Ekofisk to land with oil and gas pipelines. Although Ekofisk oil was originally loaded aboard tankers at the well site, since 1975 it has been delivered to Teesside in England by a 34-inch pipeline. The decision to deliver Ekofisk oil to Teesside was a painful one for the Norwegian government, since it was under firm instructions from the Parliament to deliver it to Norway, if at all possible. The Emden negotiations were interesting not so much for the problems they created between the Norwegians and the Germans but for the dispute that arose with the Danes over the uncovered pipeline running across the Danish shelf.