Czechoslovakia had secured its frontier and settled its constitution. Austria accepted the new frontiers, the two promised to put any dispute that might arise to international arbitration, and Czechoslovakia gave Austria financial help. Even with the Habsburgs gone, Pangermanism could present a serious threat to Czechoslovakia, and it was therefore necessary to prepare defences. The danger that Czechoslovakia might suddenly find itself in an area of revision caused Benes to seek some more general support than that of France. With some support from the Little Entente, with none from Austria, but much from Poland, Edvard Benes tried first to head off what in October became the Locarno Treaty and then to lessen its damaging effect on Czechoslovakia. Accordingly, in June 1922, Czechoslovakia concluded an interim agreement, recognising the Soviet Union de facto and laying the foundation for the development of economic, cultural, and political relations.