Mexico University (MU)’s long-standing Scientific/Scholarly Writing for Publication (SWP) course provides the field of English for Research Publication Purposes (ERPP) with a unique program for analysis and critique, as detailed in Part II. Both James and Karen have taught in that program, and Karen has maintained an ongoing relationship with the program since 2013. Thus this chapter details subsequent developments (post-2013) in MU’s efforts to provide scientific writing support to the university’s emerging scholars (i.e., graduate and doctoral students) and established scholars (i.e., faculty members from rank of assistant to full professor). Our personal experiences at MU, alongside our empirically informed research in the field of English for research publication purposes (at MU and elsewhere), provide a platform for us to critically analyse and reflect upon the MU SWP course. The second part of this chapter considers the MU program through our critical plurilingual lens. This is accomplished by presenting a considered set of questions that evolve from James’ case study in Part II (see Chapter 3 for further detail on critical pragmatism, critical plurilingual pedagogies, and ERPP). This chapter concludes with a brief discussion that integrates three areas that inform our proposal for critical plurilingual pedagogies: the results of this study, our personal experience with the MU program, and the extant literature.