This chapter shows how US Muslims decolonize the university discourse and produce critical knowledge—what W. Mignolo calls “a geo- and body politics of knowledge”. The hysteric embodies, what Critchley, calls “an ethics of infinitely demanding commitment”. The US Muslim, as the agent in the hysteric’s discourse, is an infinitely demanding subject who has traversed the fundamental fantasy “by calling into question the counter terrorist Other’s desire”. The theoretico-methodological intervention is one way of preventing psychoanalysis from colonizing the interview texts. Psychoanalysis is, after all, a discourse, albeit one that is critical of the master’s discourse. Hysteria in this context is not a clinical structure but a discursive position. The truth of the infinitely demanding subject is the Real of divine justice as objet a, or object-cause of desire. The author's psychosocial analysis is a continuation of my effort to delink the rhetoric of colonial violence from the logic of modern oppression.