The Middle Arc III: Promoting Empathy and Hope describes the challenges and dynamics of the middle arc (approximately weeks 4 to 13) that typically emerge toward the end and presents strategies to meet these challenges and advance student learning. We consider “What is happening with students, class dynamics, and faculty” at this stage as emotions like despair and hopelessness may increase alongside more complicated understandings of the impacts of inequity and injustice. We examine the psychological process behind these dynamics, applying White fragility and ally and advocate development theories. We offer strategies to effectively negotiate these dynamics and maintain student learning through engaging three emotional and relational processes: fostering perspective taking and empathy; promoting community and relational learning; and encouraging agency and responsibility. At this point in the course, strategies focus on helping students turn despair into hope by making real life connections, connecting with role models within the college/university, and beginning to foster ally development and a sense of agency. We also provide strategies for faculty self-care during this time, focusing particularly on managing fatigue and resisting self-blame or over-responsibility for students who do not seem to have progressed in the course. We conclude with Reflection Questions for faculty to explore how the material may apply to readers’ particular styles and contexts, inviting faculty to consider their emotional and personal responses, and make active choices about application. Additional resources related to the specific chapter content are also included.