Ending and New Beginnings: Encouraging Agency and Sustaining the Journey describes the challenges and dynamics typical of the last two weeks or so of the semester and presents strategies to meet these challenges and advance student learning. We consider “What is happening with students, class dynamics, and faculty” at this stage as mixed emotions about the end of the class and the possible loss of relational connections and community begin to arise. We examine the psychological process behind these dynamics, applying group formation and termination, transtheoretical model of change, and ally/advocate development theories. We offer strategies to effectively negotiate these dynamics and maintain student learning through three emotional and relational processes: engaging emotions; promoting community and relational learning; and encouraging agency and responsibility. At this point in the course, strategies focus on engaging and normalizing emotions related to endings, consolidating and celebrating progress with gratitude, exploring and practicing ways to engage learning outside the classroom, and growing skills for developing and maintaining social justice communities beyond the end of the semester. We also provide strategies for faculty self-care during this time, focusing particularly on grounding and mindfulness techniques, connecting with community, and addressing teaching evaluations. We conclude with Reflection Questions for faculty to explore how the material may apply to readers’ particular styles and contexts, inviting faculty to consider their emotional and personal responses, and make active choices about application. Additional resources related to the specific chapter content are also included.