Context, Structure, and Systems: Thought Exercises in Applications describes the ways that context shapes teaching experience and focuses on helping faculty consider the ways the content discussed throughout this book might be differentially applied to their particular, varied contexts. While we are clear on not providing prescribed answers for all contexts, we discuss common pitfalls and potential context-dependent factors to consider, including geographical context and implications for safety and support, institutional contexts and expectations, student diversity (e.g. primarily White institutions versus racially diverse institutions), faculty rank and implications for risk taking, course context in regards to required versus elective courses, and sociopolitical context related to all of the above and the current cultural zeitgeist. We provide examples of different teaching strategies among the co-authors, who teach (and have previously taught) at different types of institutions and geographical locations, and encourage readers to consider applications to best fit their contexts. We conclude with Reflection Questions that invite faculty to further explore how the intersection of their positionality, social identities, and other contexts discussed inform their assessment of the risks and benefits of teaching with a Transformative Education lens. Additional resources related to the specific chapter content are also included.