Montague and Exeter assumed a fictitious “strangeness” towards each other on account of the suspicion in which they were held. Gertrude, the Lady Marquis of Exeter, followed her husband to the Tower before 21 November, with her little son Edward Courtenay. Exeter was to be tried by his peers on 3 December, Montague on 2 December. On this last date Thomas West, Lord Delaware, was committed to the Tower. Exeter was brought to the bar on the 3rd, and the same judgment was pronounced against him. There is an account of a strange scene which took place at his trial, given by a contemporary but not by an eye-witness. The Lady Marquis of Exeter remained in the Tower, with the two boys, her son Edward Courtenay, who was twelve years old, and Henry Pole “a child, the remaining hope of our race,” as the Cardinal called him with a touch of human feeling.