Communication is one of the most strategic activities used to reach customers and stakeholders. The disruptive evolution of marketing and communications has radically changed not only their link, but also the way communications traditionally reach the customers. Communications are no longer a unilateral process made of product/service descriptions or promotions. Today, the more peer-to-peer communication there is with each customer and stakeholder, the more communication is able to generate value to the consumer journey and the company. The customer wants to feel like the real protagonist of an engaging and involving brand experience. Digital transformation has deeply changed the way companies traditionally communicate. Communications are now immediate, direct, without filters, from one to one. Building a strong brand positioning must be a common and strategic effort of marketing, communication, and public relations, such as in the case of sponsorships and partnerships, because of their strategic impact as well as their capability to create emotional and memorable links, as shown by the case of Enel X and its partnership with Formula E and Moto E aimed at enhancing e-mobility and improving technology.

Key finding: communications aim at telling the deepest story of a company to engage customers and stakeholders.