Regan, the young female protagonist of The Exorcist, is a truly monstrous figure. She spews green bile, utters foul obscenities, tries to fuck her mother, causes inanimate objects to fly, rotates her head full circle on her neck, knocks men to the floor with one punch, tries to castrate a priest, murders two men, and in her spare time masturbates with a crucifix. All of the special effects that made The Exorcist so terrifying to watch – telekinesis, scenes of familial destruction, speaking in weird voices – are exploited in this film but to no avail; the acting is poor, direction uninspired and special effects cliched. Various patterns and conflicts in The Exorcist suggest that the central struggle is between men and women, the ‘fathers’ and the ‘mothers’. One of the most interesting aspects of The Exorcist is the way in which it uses woman's body to represent this conflict.