For mesology however, “integration” means both the memory of a certain self-consciousness and the capacity to distinguish oneself from the surroundings, in other words, subjectity. Life through death, death through life: this is not mysticism, but more than biology; it is mesology that takes into account the living’s mediance and its being-towards-life that necessarily passes through death. Life is necessarily concrete or rather concrescent; otherwise it would decompose at once, leaving no organisms. It necessarily combines, for and by certain subjectity, a certain history in a certain milieu. Nevertheless, the fact remains that whether it concerns evolution or history, it is impossible to grasp S in any other way than with a worldly predicate that belongs to the present, in other words, inevitably in the twilight of the Cave. Speciety is none other than the very object of ethology extended to bio-hermeneutics and bio-history.