In this chapter, the author prefers utilizes the term acosmia which has the advantage of evoking the Durkheimian anomia, the erasure of values and the resulting disorders. The sky shows the Earth in a certain light that varies from moment to moment, from one season to another, from hemisphere to hemisphere. However, it retains an invariable order because the impalpable vault is also as firm as the firmament which prevents the waters above from joining the waters, and invariably turns around the Southern Cross or the Pole Star. This cosmic order supports human milieus and guarantees their reality. Since by definition acosmia has no order, it cannot be grasped in a certain order but examples can be found that at the very least can be reduced to the same principle: the stubborn ek-sistence of the modern ontological topos outside the milieu and history that produced it and where in reality it nevertheless exists.