This chapter presents a very different attitude to risk and uncertainty that pointed to greater self-reliance among young Chinese people. Particularly memorable is the story of a young Chinese woman whose travel plans were also disrupted. The stronger adherence to traditional values observed in Taiwan was also reflected in young people’s practising of folk religion. A closer look at the connection between young adults’ different accounts of their involvement in religious life and the distinct ideological discourses surrounding religion, identity and modernity in China and Taiwan is thus important to gain a deeper understanding of aspirations and decision-making. Mette Halskov Hansen and Cuiming Pang challenge this narrative of moral decline and reckless individualism in Chinese youth. Academic success and a cosmopolitan lifestyle and, especially in China, “flexible citizenship” as described by Fong in her study of Chinese students abroad, were major aspirations. The chapter also presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in this book.