The drawing of “the person” corresponds to two aspects pertaining to: (1) normal neurological integration that corresponds to body image, and (2) the psychological aspect concerning the development of the sense of self, the narcissism of the personality and the state of the development of the ego. Hands represent the means of contacting the world, the feet the standpoint in life and the collective. The head and hair corresponding to the mental level may express obsessional thinking or mental overload. The attitude of the person corresponds to a natural tendency towards introversion or extraversion. The face, coloured or pale, may reflect the narcissism of the personality the feelings of shame and self-depreciation. The nose represents intuition, instinct and direction. The mouth is the means of verbal expression, the right to speak up and be heard as well as the ability to do so. The ears are for listening; no ears may indicate there are certain themes which the subject doesn’t want to hear, which remain repressed in the personality.