Each theme on the Transition Cycle constantly interacts between the forms of ‘normal’ grief and ‘frozen’ or ‘solidified’ grief. Working through the themes of the Transition Cycle usually begins at the top, at ‘feeling welcome’ or ‘making contact.’ The ‘first’ theme on the Transition Cycle is ‘contact’ or ‘welcome.’ The counselor has the task of recognizing the oscillation and exploring it together with the client. The client also has psychological contracts with the people in his or her life. A genogram can be used to gain an understanding of how the emotional systems in one client’s family operate. The genogram is a diagram of the system in which someone grows up. A divorce is symbolized with a line and two small lines crossing the line. In the event of a new partner, a new connecting line is drawn to the father or mother. A non-marital relationship is connected by a broken line.