The chapter describes the development of mindfulness- and compassion-oriented integrative psychotherapy (MCIP). The authors discuss the main characteristics of psychotherapy integration as a new paradigm in psychotherapy. MCIP has its roots in relationally-focused integrative psychotherapy and provides further integration of this approach with mindfulness- and compassion-oriented approaches, practice and research. The authors discuss three primary meanings of the word integration: integration of personality, integration of psychotherapy approaches and integration within a psychotherapist. MCIP is based on empirically validated processes of change. Mindfulness and compassion are viewed as meta-processes of change that are enhanced within the psychotherapy relationship. The primary task in MCIP is to invite the client to bring mindful awareness and compassion to their inner experience or parts of self. Although in MCIP the therapist can teach the clients some mindfulness exercises, this is not the primary focus in this approach. In MCIP, mindfulness and compassion are at the heart of the therapeutic relationship. In the chapter, ten fundamental principles and characteristics of MCIP are presented and discussed.