In this chapter, the authors describe three main tasks of mindfulness- and compassion-oriented integrative psychotherapy (MCIP): (1) Developing mindful capacity and self-compassion, (2) Metacognitive awareness of schemas and self-states, and (3) Living according to values and meaning. The authors present different practices and experiential exercises that are used in MCIP to develop mindful capacity and enhance self-compassion. They also describe methods that help clients develop metacognitive awareness of schemas and self-states. Schemas, if unreflected, unconsciously influence our experience and behaviour. The authors provide examples of different interventions that help clients to become mindfully aware of their schemas, understand how they were constructed and recognise the effects of schemas on their lives. The aim is for clients to develop a decentred relationship towards their schemas. These interventions help to liberate the client from the grip of dysfunctional schemas. Metacognitive awareness of schemas goes hand in hand with the task of promoting living according to one’s values. Various interventions are described that invite the client to come into contact with inner meaning and purpose and start living according to their innermost values. Interventions are illustrated with transcripts of interactions between the client and the therapist.