In this chapter, the authors describe the main relational methods and interventions that invite the client into mindful awareness and self-compassion. They present the keyhole model of relational mindfulness and compassion, which is the integration of Erskine's keyhole model with the processes of mindfulness and compassion. The model describes how mindfulness and compassion can be enhanced by the relational methods of inquiry, attunement and involvement. Brief transcripts of therapy sessions illustrate how processes of the present moment, decentred awareness, acceptance and compassion can be enhanced by different relational methods and interventions. The model also provides the therapeutic direction related to four main phases: 1) Promoting present moment and decentred awareness, 2) Promoting acceptance, 3) Promoting self-compassion, and 4) Being a loving witness to a client's vulnerability. These four phases promote integration and transformation of dissociated self-states within an attuned therapeutic relationship.