Building on prior chapters, particularly the practical guidance for developing the foundation for your career offered in Chapter 4, this chapter focuses on unwritten rules of success for careers in psychology. These aren’t exactly rules, per se, but guidance, tips, and hints for success that some (perhaps you) know yet many other people with successful careers in psychology wish they had known earlier in their careers. Moreover, this often-hard-won knowledge is rarely, if ever, explicitly shared although it’s often essential for making the most of your career and life preparation and success. In short, this is the chapter (and book) we wish we had as students and emerging professionals and are happy to share it with you now. Beginning, as most careers in psychology do, with undergraduate preparation, this chapter starts with an exploration of unwritten rules for succeeding in the psychology major, developing professional skills, and building a professional identity while clarifying your post-graduate direction. It includes a discussion of the importance of respecting yourself and others, creativity, persistence, individual and group work, research teams and labs, and additional ways to build your career in psychology consistent with your values and priorities.