It’s easy to become distracted by day-to-day events and lose track of the important tasks that are spread out over time. Goals like completing a college degree, successfully mastering a body of knowledge, or making and pursuing a career plan require sustained time and effort, which is why it’s important to know how to develop and implement plans to reach those goals. This chapter presents a method for remaining mindful, yet flexible, in pursuit of your goals. In so doing, it brings together everything we’ve presented in this book so far. By the end of the chapter, you will have worked through setting a long-term goal and identifying major tasks that you need to complete to accomplish that goal that reflects your values. You will also have set up an action plan to help you accomplish tasks that occur during a single semester, quarter, or professional equivalent, and one at a more detailed level to assist you in completing the necessary tasks for a specific week. Based on our experience and consistent with the empowered process focus of this book, we expect you’ll find these tools helpful in reaching your goals while attending to your priorities now and going forward.