This chapter begins with psychoanalyst Andre Green, because he focuses on how language is connected to the split described in Sigmund Freud’s “Wolf Man” case study, the split reflective of that in Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) and Phantom Limb Syndrome (PLS). Andre Green found that psychotic patients tend to show linguistic difficulties and must therefore embody an unusually prominent form of negative hallucination. Marilia Aisenstein’s study, Andre Green’s theory, and mirror-box therapy suggest that conjuring illusions from negative spaces may remove some of a wound’s pressure, whether orientated in the body, as seen in PLS, or the mind, as with BIID. Psychosomatic theory speaks to this lack in the field, as Marilia Aisenstein conveys in looking for a non-scientific and open-ended “solution” to bodily symptoms. Marilia Aisenstein continually acknowledged her inability to confirm any of these histories, memories, or theories.