In this chapter we consider the conditions we think need to be in place for MbP to be implemented and sustained in school and community physical education programs. We consider time and the timetable, spaces for learning such as facilities, educational purposes of physical education, national and district curriculum policies, teacher professional learning, and a number of issues related to locality. We note that some of these conditions to support change towards a MbP approach to physical education are already in place, such as flexible spaces for learning, broad and bold curricula, and teacher professional learning that supports the implementation of single models such as teaching games for understanding, sport education and cooperative learning. The existence and widespread acceptance of these conditions are positive. We also note, however, that some conditions may be more difficult to secure, such as timetabling, educational purposes and issues associated with locality. We conclude that the priorities for bringing about change that will support MbP are collaboration, communication and consensus within the physical education community.