In a focus group interview, a moderator meets and conducts a conversation with a small group of participants about a topic that everyone can weigh in on. This chapter deals with how focus group interviews can be conducted, whether this is offline or online, and whether everyone interacts in the same situation or so-called asynchronously through, for example, forum messages. Furthermore, the history of the focus group interview is summarized, as well as some of the research up to now. With an understanding of what kind of research is carried out using the method, it is easier to shape your own project. The method is thus also placed in the context of the implementation of a project. Which research problems, objectives, and research questions can conceivably fit in with focus group interviews as the main method? How many focus groups may be appropriate to arrange? In addition to that type of planning, the chapter also deals with different types of interview questions and how they can be formulated, as well as how they are included in an interview guide that gives the interviewer an overall structure for the occasion. Finally, a concluding section provides guidance on how results can be appropriately presented.