In Foucault, subject formation works by inducing individuals to observe, judge, and correct their own behavior (even their own thoughts), to conduct themselves towards some new purpose. In conservation interventions, the effort to create conserving subjects is common, albeit often unsuccessful. Foucault’s subjects are created by discourses, and by both discipline and governmentality, using different means. First, knowledges with the power of scientific truth define our bodies, minds, and behaviors. Second, a variety of institutions (e.g. schools, the military, factories, prisons) and sciences (e.g. medicine, psychiatry) discipline subjects. Finally, in governmentality technologies of the self allow individuals to transform, by themselves or with the help of others (e.g. doctors, psychiatrists), their own bodies, souls, thoughts, conduct, etc., in order to become healthier, happier, more pure, etc. This is the sixth tool for our tool-box.