The ethno-national narrative in Kazakh cinema portrayed through films like Nomad, Mustafa Shokai, Nebo Moevo Detsva, Myn Bala is dominant. Kazakhness is also displayed in the efforts to recreate the memory of Bozok, which according to archaeological data represents the old Kazakh nomad settlement on the outskirts of the new capital city Astana/Aqmola. Islamic motifs are blended into the new urban architecture. What is intrinsic to Kazakh tradition is steppe dynamics. In an earlier work of this author that dealt with “a Kazakh story,” it was pointed out that research in the post-Soviet period reached out to new arenas of a steppe ecumene like environment and ecology. There were thus twists in tale and Soviet and post-Soviet Kazakh historiographies have dealt with episodic aspects of Kazakh history. There were different styles of writing and local histories of the region were interpreted differently.