Political analysts pondering over Kazakhstan’s future after President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s term ends tend to be concerned about the fate of Eurasian integrationist projects that were first mentored by Nazarbayev but more recently by Vladimir Putin. The rootedness of Kazakh tradition signifies revival of cultural practices which has an interesting character in northern Kazakhstan as in Schuchinsk district, and the east of Kazakhstan, especially in western Mongolia. The Burabay National Nature Park is tucked away in the town of Schuschinsk—about 50 kilometres away from Kokshetau town. Burabay is the pearl of Kazakhstan and has gorgeous pine forests and cliffs and rocks that are interspersed with serene lakes. Among Kazakhs of Mongolia and Kazakhstan, religiosity is perhaps deeply embedded into the social fabric but that also entails an understanding of the cultural traditions which have varied across generations and have been nurtured by a new generation of imams.