In the words of D. Laibman, “the enterprise is the most significant site for the progressive enhancement of socialist democracy: the world-historic reversal of the capitalist subsumption of labor to its conditions of existence”. A well-known work entitled Socialism, Utopian and Scientific offers F. Engels’s brilliant outline of his own and Karl Marx’s basic contributions to political science. Until the collapse of the Soviet system, Marxists used to endorse Engels’s view that the post-capitalistic mode of production would be a centrally planned system designated as ‘socialism’. The plan to introduce democracy into the firm system is associated with the so-called ‘challenge of Condorcet’, i.e. the need to prioritise ‘collective ownership’ over ‘State-ownership’ that Condorcet magnificently theorised as early as 1791. A great many market socialism models have been theorised over the past years. Remoter insolvency risks tend to reduce the impact of oppressive market mechanisms and the resulting obstacles to the free choices of workers.