Sylos Labini is just one of many academics who reject the assumption that the establishment of a system of producer cooperatives amounts to a revolution, and this is probably the reason why he altogether denies any links between producer cooperative theory and Marxism. G. Lukacs’s suggestion that Karl Marx’s totality perspective was closely bound up with G. W. F. Hegel’s dialectical method, namely identifying a non-Hegelian dialectical method that even the most orthodox thinkers would probably rate as acceptable. The main effect of a totality-focused dialectical approach is to magnify the impact of causality on the context, in terms that its individual components will be perceived as different depending on the specific totality they are part of from time to time. Marx’s approach to the contradictions of capitalism is basically dialectical and dialectics, as is well known, is a method which entails the assumption that reality evolves at the same pace that its inherent contradictions are solved and superseded.