Utopian fantastic realism is distinguished from other kinds by its own particular mixture: evolutionary hypothesis, space-time idea, and social construction and criticism. When employing the technique of ironical realism the writer does not rely on the slender claim of the first person alone, but tries to provide further circumstantial evidence, documents, official authorities. A skilful writer will combine documentary and impressionistic realism. The utopian narrative is not only presented as a documentary report, but even as a pamphlet inciting the reader to take immediate action. If the utopian country is placed outside the terrestrial sphere, as happens in many modern utopias, the attention of the fantastic realist is fixed on a plausible means of connecting utopia with our world rather than on evading the question of its exact location. The journey in space predominated in all the earlier stages of utopian fiction because it seemed to be the only effective means of achieving realistic concreteness in every respect.