“Making art in a digital world” focuses on the digital aspects of SIW, breaking the discussion down into three layers. The first section, ‘Great expectations’ looks at the challenge of navigating the immense proliferation of digital capacity in order to structure development processes in efficient and effective ways. Second, ‘Art and interactivity’ looks at the instability audiences bring to traditionally linear, unidirectional artistic forms through the introduction of interactivity. And finally, ‘AX and the Category of Art’ looks at the instability artists bring to audience idioms through the emergence of novel forms requiring novel categorizations and forms of interaction. To this problem, we dust off an old aesthetics paper from the 1970s—Kendell Walton’s “Categories of Art—and use its analytical framework to fashion a prescriptive tool, a means by which experimental artistic processes such as SIW might better understand their efforts within relation to audience idioms, expectations, and skills.