The expression of the Bride in the Morning Scene is the most highly seasoned, and at the same time the most vulgar in the series. The young girl in the third picture, who is represented as the victim of fashionable profligacy, is unquestionably one of the artist's chef-d'œuvres. The public had long ago an opportunity of viewing most of Hogarth's pictures, in the collection made of them at the British Gallery. The superiority of the original paintings to the common / prints, is in a great measure confined to the Marriage a-la-Mode, with which shall begin my remarks. Boccaccio, the most refined and sentimental of all the novel-writers, has been stigmatised as a mere inventor of licentious tales, because readers in general have only seized on those things in his works which were suited to their own taste, and have thus reflected their own grossness back upon the writer.