Nature (Vala) is a system of sensible appearances; matter (Enion) is the invisible something or nothing beneath nature's veil. Enion confesses her "depravity": Spirit is destroyed and matter only remains, "hidden in the darksom Cave", the place of this world. It is spoken by "the terrible form of Enion in the Void", and belongs, again, altogether to her nature: matter as conceived by the philosophy of Newton and Locke, which describes the sorrowful consequences of her isolation from spiritual cause. Enion can tell "what is done in the caverns of the grave" (matter) into which the souls die from eternity; for she is herself that grave. The crystal imagery is introduced with special reference to Enion and Tharmas: Enion in her crystal form is matter purified. The soaring of the reunited Tharmas and Enion is in contrast with the soaring of the sinister Spectre, with Enion in his grasp.