The suburbs of Modena are scarcely out of sight, when a bridge over the Reno presents itself, armed and fortified, and guarded by a tower, bearing the inscription of Dogana Papale , surmounted by the sign of the Mitre and Keys , while high above all glittered that word, so consolatory amidst such images of force and warfare, “PAX.” The sale of the considerable church wealth of Bologna, during the revolution, has greatly multiplied those little landed-proprietorships, which make the blessing of a free country, and lighten the chain of an enslaved one: and it has raised up an agricultural population, whose thriving industry every where enriches and adorns the land, and banishes the groupings of want and mendicity. The City of Bologna, discernible from afar by its curious leaning towers and high antique spires, reposes at the base of the Apennines, in a situation rich, beautiful, and picturesque.