Why do people need management? In order to answer this question, one must first understand what management is. This chapter investigates what management contains according to various models: the implicit, the simplified, and the more complex models.

The text examines the complex models further and finds similarities among these models, showing how the complex models include more aspects of the complicated relationship between manager and employee. In doing so, these models also help to clarify why management is a complex competence that requires many different skills.

The relationship between management and individual motivation is described and compared seen from three different viewpoints: functionalistic, social constructive, and psychodynamic.

The reciprocity between manager and employee is quite wide-ranging. The authors claim that the relationship can be viewed as a kind of unconscious bargain between the employee, the manager, and the organisation, where all parties must be satisfied in order for the bargain to be successful.

The text is illuminated by cases.