This chapter provides the basic concepts of Balanced Scorecards and describes how to adapt the Balanced Scorecard to the Transformation Portfolio. It discusses the Transformation Scorecard Process, explains cascading scorecards for strategic initiatives, programs, and projects and Success criteria for the Transformation Scorecard Process. The Transformation Scorecard Process is a summary of the status of a single transformation initiative and is an important means of communicating and documenting transformation progress, issues, and status to key stakeholders across various levels of the organization. Metrics focusing on the performance of specific strategies, programs, and projects, when compared to desired norms, targets, or goals, are an essential component of driving transformational change. The Transformation Scorecard Process consists of three levels of cascading reports, including the Strategic Initiative, Program, and Project Scorecards. The Transformation Scorecard Process enables portfolio-wide status briefings and should follow a structured and timely process for developing and submitting each report to the appropriate decision-making group.