This chapter focuses on the place of pedagogy in the early years. In the field of Early years education and care, discussions of pedagogy and practice tend to be dominated by Western European philosophies. Regardless of the influence from history, and pedagogy’s function in teacher education, science, and art do have relevance in early years pedagogy. First and foremost, children’s learning is the first consideration of what constitutes pedagogy; the term ‘learning’ being a reoccurring term in defining it. The role of pedagogy is to ensure children learn and develop, or rather pedagogy influences the ways in which learning takes place and the relationships which structure learning. Pedagogy develops from a range of factors including theories, research evidence, political drivers, evidence from practice, individual and group reflection, educators’ experiences and expertise, and community expectations and requirements. The concept of pedagogy encompasses relationships, conversations, learning environments, rules and norms, and culture within the wider social context.