The inter-relations among native banks are very important: they can transfer any sum of money between themselves. There is a certain limit to these relations both in Tientsin and Peking, and the limit is not the same for all native banks within the same locality. “K’ao Chia” means that a native bank relies upon another to assist it financially. The other native bank is called “K’ao Chia”. If the money of a native bank is working at full, great profits can be made; thus, the native banks or modern banks invest all money in hand for greater profit. When money is received from another native bank, it should be recorded in the “Hsien Chin Liu Shui” and posted to the account with other native banks. In Peking, remittance business lost all its importance when the National Capital was removed to Nanking; there were only remittances between Tientsin and Peking, and even now they are not active in native bank.