Chapter 9 considers the role and importance of simulations and ‘joint-exercises’ in turning ‘lessons identified’ from previous operations and crises into ‘lessons learnt’. In doing so, it explores how those ‘lessons identified’ can be turned into targeted simulation ‘injects’ and ‘scenarios’, with recognisable performance criteria. This penultimate chapter then critically discusses current academic literature in the development and use of simulations and scenario-based exercises in supporting the development of effective crisis and disaster management planning and multi-agency coordination for sport. The role and contribution of exercises, drills and scenario-planning for sport are discussed, along with some proposed typologies of exercises for ISEs. The chapter also includes an extended practical exercise that considers various roles and scenarios that might occur during a major sport-related emergency. The chapter concludes with calls for future research and practical steps that utilise the significant potential for using new technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile applications, to support simulating crisis and disaster scenarios for sport.