This chapter explains why child exploitation is a severe form of violence and the forms of child labor that violate international social norms. It discusses the issues involved in preventing child pornography and examines the key points in the Model State Anti-Trafficking Criminal Statutes. Lack of scientific research, different social and legal perspectives both nationally and internationally, and ineffective efforts to combat this form of violence all contribute to misunderstandings about child exploitation. Child sex tourism is the commercial sexual exploitation of children by men or women who travel from one place to another, usually from a richer country to a poorer, less-developed country, and engage in sexual acts with children. The lifestyle of children revolves around violence, forced drug use, and constant threats. Burmese men, women, and children are trafficked to Thailand, the People’s Republic of China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Korea, and Macau for sexual exploitation, domestic service, and forced labor—including commercial labor.