This chapter serves two purposes. The first is to outline and describe the key alternative metrics used by renewable energy enterprises (REEs) in emerging markets to measure their success - that is, their ability to be self-sufficient and enhance the uptake of renewable energies. In the section ‘All about the Metrics’, I refer to and build upon my previous work, which suggests that socially-motivated REEs in emerging markets are averse to financial growth in the traditional sense (Gabriel et al., 2019). For the benefit of nascent REEs and the researchers interested in studying them in emerging markets, in this section I describe these alternative measures. The second purpose of this chapter is to summarise the key features of successful REEs in emerging markets. In the section ‘The Successful Renewable Energy Enterprise in Emerging Markets’, I present and discuss the findings of the analysis and comparison I undertook of the discursive strategies of successful versus unsuccessful REEs. Therefore, the resulting final characterisation includes business model features as well as specific discursive strategies for success in emerging markets.