The world is the realm of the 'how', of that which is how it is, and the nature of the descriptive world can be seen if it is contrasted with that of the existential world, the world existentially conceived. One cannot conceive that the descriptive world was ever anything else but qualitative. The root of the problem is that no existential question can be posed of the non-existential, descriptive world. Of something that is purely characteristic one can only ask characteristic questions. Therefore descriptives cannot be utterly negated, only modified. Things in changing do not cease to be descriptives, only the kinds of descriptives alter. Of course, the momentary qualitative identity something has is destroyed by altering, but in a non- absolute and descriptive manner. In descriptive terms, the uniqueness or identity of something is a 'location', a descriptively particular one, including a mode of alteration, past, present and future, within the system of the universe.