Chapter 9 examines the case of nuclear power in Russia. Specifically, we examine the evolution of nuclear safety regulation in Russia and the influence that this exerted over the evolution of the nuclear power industry in Russia. Russia is an especially important country to study in the context of nuclear power since was the fourth-largest generator of nuclear power in the world in 2019, and had the fifth-largest installed nuclear capacity.

Over a fifth of the world’s nuclear power plants currently under construction are being built by Rosatom, the state corporation in charge of Russia’s nuclear industry. Deals have been signed for the construction of many more, although plans and deals do not always lead to completed projects. We examine such prospects. In fact, the programme of exports is likely to fall short of expectations. As such, the evolution of the Russian nuclear industry is of crucial importance to the future of the global nuclear industry. Russia is an example of a very hierarchical nuclear system in which civil and military nuclear industries are fused under the umbrella of the state-owned company Rosatom.