Chapter 7 contains a review of the research team along with a summary of the research objectives. A summary of participatory research and the Cooperative Inquiry method illustrated the importance of collaboration in researching in communities. The Intecritical Framework is applied throughout the chapter to illuminate the research process used in Uttarakhand and the tangible results of the work. Reflections are also provided on several challenging aspects of the research experience that can prove enlightening to social science research in general, and inform those engaged in community-building for economic sustainability including cultural complexity, logistics and uncertainty. We hear once more from the residents of the communities served by the two participating radio stations with their suggestions for additional programs on emergency preparedness. The process of collective consciousness-raising as a mechanism for community development far beyond the thematic and geographic parameters of this research is explored. Collective consciousness-raising is further applied to the transformation process necessary for change on any issue facing a community in any part of the world, including the creation of community-based economic resilience.