This chapter is focused on the contributions of the Uttarakhand research to emergency preparedness education, community resilience and to integral research and development in general. The Uttarakhand research participants made suggestions for future radio programs on emergency preparedness that can be reapplied to any type of community-building activity. It was concluded that collective consciousness was a fundamental driver of the change that took place in the Uttarakhand communities regarding emergency preparedness and the creation of resilience. Therefore, applying the Intecritical Framework in community-led research and popular education set the stage for its use in the development of community-based economic resilience. The importance of the Intecritical Framework as an emancipatory strategy in the social sciences is also illustrated through the Uttarakhand example. Emphasis is given to the Intecritical Framework as a tool for finding solutions and not just in defining problems. The Intecritical Framework is then used to analyze key findings from the Uttarakhand research and applied to other fields of community-based work including community-led research, education and the development of constructive resilience strategies to plan for economic sustainability and resilience.