The Zhang-zhung tongue is obviously intended to serve the Bon religion as Sanscrit serves Buddhism, and the supplementary Zhang-zhung title is intended both to increase the authority of the texts and to vouch for its authenticity. The old, primitive Bon religion and customs persisted amongst ordinary people, the new systematized Bon religion was no less damaged by the troubles than Buddhism itself, and had to be revived. When dealing with the religious historical events of the reign of King Khri-srong author met with the well-established ancient tradition according to which the systematized Bon religion originated in Zhang-zhung, whence also came the first sacred Bon texts, which were subsequently translated into the Tibetan language. Ta-zig was originally a name for the Arabs, who swept victoriously through Central Asia at the time of the Tibetan universal monarchy. The chapter also presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book.