With the opening of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, German reunification and the subsequent break-up of the Soviet Union, the role of the Field Station came to an end. The formal withdrawal of the wartime allies from the city took place in 1994, although elements of 26 Signals Unit remained at Gatow until March 1995. Like most archaeological sites, the Teufelsberg has a clear stratigraphy, reminiscent of Near Eastern tells, where deposits accumulate into hills over the course of millennia. The future of the Teufelsberg is hard to predict. Most would probably agree that complete demolition would be unwelcome, given the values attached to the site by all interest groups. The site has now been in alternative use longer than it was a secret military establishment, and the alternative community is at least local; for the British and Americans who worked here, this is an ‘orphan heritage’, a small part of British or US heritage on foreign soil.