At the first meeting of Brighton Polytechnic's Academic Board in July 1970 it was reported that the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) had reapproved the honours course in Computer Studies, but had restricted the intake to one year. The Academic Board at the same time congratulated one of its members on being invited to be Chairman of the CNAA's Physics Board. In 1972 the Academic Board agreed that future student/research assistants would register for higher degrees with the CNAA. In April 1972 the Principal of Berkshire College of Education, James Porter, received a document from the North East London Polytechnic entitled 'The organization of CNAA visits and similar events'. Passing it to his secretary he wrote on it: 'Open CNAA files please'. In 1975 Berkshire College of Education became, following an Academic Board proposal, Bulmershe College of Higher Education, and the target of 2000 students was reduced to 1600.