This chapter introduces the Two-Step-Flow model, developed by Lazarsfeld in the 1940s, which can still be used today to demonstrate how opinion leaders bring a message to their followers, thus spreading it to very specific groups. For a brand it might be more beneficial not to broadly spread a message to everyone possible, but to seek out an opinion leader who will get the message to those who will certainly respond to it positively.

From around 2005 to 2016, blogging has evolved into its own profession and has become a useful tool for brands through which they can reach the right audience. Even classic print magazines and journals have created blogs on their websites not to miss out on the trend. However, presently there is not much research available on why social media such as blogging works so well.

Today's most successful fashion bloggers are either people who actually come from the fashion industry and have a solid knowledge of the business or they are self-starters who rose to fame by portraying a specific life-style. In most cases, all fashion influencers have to work very hard to run their business, which happens behind the scenes of the glamourous social media posts.

Celebrities have existed in the past and are present today. They include royals, political figures, actors, performers, iconic figures and models as well as other celebrity brands and designers. A fashion brand's communication department can work with a celebrity in the context of public relations or advertising.

There are clear benefits for brands in working with celebrities: Consumers want to emulate the celebrity, they believe the testimonial by the celebrity, consumers can memorize the advertisement much better and consumers associate the positive traits of the celebrity with the product.

However, in order to reach the maximum benefits for the brand, first the celebrity needs to be evaluated based on certain criteria and characteristics. A Compatibility Model that can help to establish a perfect match for collaboration of the brand and the celebrity is introduced. How to establish a brand match between celebrity and consumer is based on the traits of the "celebrity", which have to be suitable and a perfect match to the brand who is seeking to market this collaboration. If this is in place, the communication will seem appealing for the consumers and in turn, the consumers will trust the brand, remember it and purchase its product or service. All legal issues need to be cleared for departed icons.

This chapter features an in-depth interview with a successful British blogger called “Disneyrollergirl”.

The chapter closes with ethical questions and considerations regarding the content. In particular, it is questionable whether consumers are aware that the opinion leader is being paid for the promotion and whether the consumer can develop an informed decision on a product that is presented. Other concerns are the level or responsibility a celebrity or blogger carries for the endorsement of a particular product or brand. Furthermore, obsession over celebrity culture has been noted as psychologically harmful for society.