This chapter seeks to respond to quantum poetics in Strickland's suggestive essay, by elucidating the workings of a sophisticated "quantum mechanism" in the digital poetics of Loss Pequeno Glazier. Glazier directs the E-Poetry Center, one of the world's largest and most prominent online resources for digital poetry and poetics. Glazier is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Media Studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and is the founder and President of the internationally renowned festival E-Poetry, which is held every other year at locations spanning the globe. With respect to the current exploration of Loss Pequeno Glazier's scientific poetics, is the quantum formulation of the concept of variant poetic lines in Glazier's own writings, especially where he discusses the variance embodied by Bromeliads' shifting signifiers. Leonardo Flores' close reading of Bromeliads first analyzes Glazier's poetic work vis-a-vis a Critical Code Studies approach.