This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts discussed in the preceding chapters book. The emphasis that Latour places on transport and the mutability of information in its immutability—since "some features have to be maintained in spite of the mobility provided to them" — is highly relevant to the claims made in the present study regarding the relationship between mediation and interpretation in Latin American technopoetics. Insofar as Latour's analysis of the relationship between fiction and science invokes the problematic nature of the binary opposing these two modes of inquiry, his consideration of the mutability of information in its transport recalls the complexities of translation and translatability explored in the previous chapter's discussion of Eduardo Kac's transgenic project "Genesis." The book analyzes one particularly salient example of the "return of the Latin American" here, in order to gesture towards the ways in which these four artists end up thoughtfully engaging "tropes and discourses of 'Latin American-ness'".